Finding out that the plastic pipe coming out of the side of a hill is only water available.

When you find an insect and filth in the water but you still need to drink it as it is only choice you have, it’s very hard. After two weeks Chris was lying sick on the floor and guys were not sure if they’ll be able to afford the cost of a doctor or medicine. Chris ended up with giardia, a parasite that infects the small intestine.

Almost 1 out of 10 people in the world can’t drink clean water. Even if you don’t die because of the contaminated water you’ll probably get sick. How big is the problem with not having access to clean water? Well, if someone gets sick like Chris, he or she would’t be able to work and feed his family. Being sick also means extra cost, needs for doctors, medicine etc. For people surviving with just 1$ per day, this is often not available. At the end due to the lack of clean water, that they can’t afford, they are left with medical costs to treat conditions caused by bad water quality that they can’t afford either.

Please watch the video and make a difference!

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