NFF Aviation’s many years of repair expertise combined with our industry reputation for customer service, reliability, and quality makes for an experience that cannot be matched.

Our technical expertise and acute attention to detail makes our dual release tag desirable across the commercial aviation industry.

Our 4 shops offer a broad array of overhaul and repair capabilities; we support a large range of aircraft types. Our highly trained technicians have an average experience of 25 years in the aviation industry.

We support:

A319 •  A320 • A321 • A330 • A340

B737 NG • B737 CLASSIC • B777 • B767 • B757 • B747 • B727 • B717

RJ Fleet Series


  • NFF Aviation specializes in the test and repair of both commercial jet and regional aircraft instruments, as well as avionics and accessories.
  • We employ Automated Testing Equipment (ATE) to yield a greater degree of accuracy when testing and troubleshooting your repair.

Below is a sample of items we repair:

  • Avionics: Control Display Units, Mode Control Panels
  • Computers: Flight Control Computers, Flight Management Computers, Digital Air Data Computers
  • Panels: Boeing Panels, Digital Selector Panels, Pressure Controllers
  • Instruments: Air Speed Indicators, Altitude Indicators, Fuel Flow Indicators, EGT Indicators

INTERIORS, Galley and lavatory items

  • Coffee & Espresso Makers
  • Ovens & Microwaves
  • Boilers & Chillers
  • Hot Water Heaters
  • Electrical Accessories
  • Passenger Service Units (PSU’s)



  • Regional Aircraft Batteries (NiCad wet and dry cell)
  • Commercial Jet Batteries (NiCad wet and dry cell)


  • Boeing
  • Airbus

Landing Lights

  • Boeing
  • Airbus

24 / 7 AOG Service is available for customers with immediate needs.

NFF Aviation Standard Warranty Policy


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FAA Approved  Station No. N01R648Y
EASA Approval Certificate No. EASA 145.5059