Only 60% Guatemalans speak fluent Spanish. Mostly indigenous people are not speaking Spanish, is this the reason why they are poor?

In school in Pena Blanca children learn in Spanish. More than 40% of the children don’t graduate as they don’t have resources and need to work to survive. Girls often leave to get married. 50% of girls get married and start a family before 19. In documentary Regina’s family can’t even afford to send her to the public school.
Public school is free? Well, kind of. Regina’s family still needs to pay for uniform, books, supplies and this is more than most families in that area can afford to pay. Most days Regina needs to look after other children and help around the house so her mother can work in fields, this way she doesn’t have time to go to school and learn.
What is her chance?
With the help of a recent scholarship Regina is going to school for the first time.

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