NFF Aviation Services is a top-tier, independent FAA / EASA 145 certified repair station covering a large list of ATA Chapter Codes that has been in business for over 25 years.

Since our inception in 1997, we have provided sales and repair services for top airlines, leasing companies, and brokers worldwide.

Located just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, our 15,000 square foot facility is situated just minutes from the Pittsburgh International Airport.

With an extensive list of capabilities on the Boeing & Airbus, RJ and Military fleets, our facility houses 4 primary shops:

  • Avionics, Instruments & Accessories
  • Galley, Coffee Makers, Ovens, Inserts, and Water Heaters
  • Aircraft Batteries
  • Aircraft Wiring Harness
  • Aircraft Lights General and Landing
  • Aircraft Windshield wiper motors

NFF Aviation Services provides expertise on both sides of the avionics equation:


Our 4 shops offer a broad array of overhaul and repair capabilities.


NFF Aviation offers a diverse supply program for our customers


Visit the capabilities page to download or view and search the complete list.